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An environment in which spirituality is alive

An open door leading to sacred gardens
Searching for meaning
Following the paths of the heart

Emanations from a tradition whose foundation is Love

The discovery of a path of initiation leading from being to Being, guided by the teachings and perspectives proper to Sunnite Sufism, which is a spiritual tradition based on three things: Love, the intelligence of the heart and the acquisition of noble character traits.

Being able to “taste the sacred”.

Inside a weekly workshop setting, a time for meditation offers an opportunity to taste and experience spirituality. It is an open door allowing the possibility of integrating the sacred into one’s life while living in a world that has lost touch with the sacred.

It is an invitation to an ecumenical dialogue.

The sufi believes that every human being holds within the sacred trust of the divine Breath. Beyond the individual expression inherent to the different religious or spiritual traditions (Islamic, Christian, Judaic, Buddhist, etc.), the human being is one and his aspiration and leaning towards the sacred stems from a common unique Source within which differences disappear. Anchored in this tradition, whose ultimate goal is the recognition of Unity within diversity, the MSI is an invitation to dialogue and conversation, by means of ecumenical conferences, with the aim of rediscovering this Unity that displays itself in a rainbow of multifaceted aspirations towards the Sacred.

The MSI is a non-profit organization, registered in 1999, and its activities are the fruits of volunteer work and self-financing.

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